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Bower 82mm Superior High Quality Multi Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit

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Crystal Optics 82MM Superior High Quality Multi Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit:

UV Filter:

A must for any camera.  Penetrates haze, adds warmth, and protects your valuable lens from scratches, dirt, fingerprints, etc... Leave it on your lens at all times.

Polarizing Filter:

For shooting in bright sun, at beaches, snow, etc... Controls bright light entering lenses for a better balanced color image.  Darkens blue skies and reduces reflections from nonmetallic surfaces.

Fluorescent Filter:

Reduces the greenish cast common to fluorescent lighting and produces pleasing, natural results, particularly in flesh tones.


  • Highindex / lowdispersion optical glass
  • Fully multicoated
  • Antireflection coating
  • Titanium anodized finish
  • High speed autofocus / Infrared compatible
  • Designed to maximize day and night shots by providing maximum light and image transmission
  • Fantastic for all types of photographic situations

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